See woman stabbed more than 20 times by her married boyfriend..#GBV

Gender based violence is getting worse everyday and the government is doing nothing about it.It hurts to see woman go through this pains caused by people they trusted.

Pictures where making rounds of a young woman who has been hurt so much.A guy posted pictures of a woman called Moesha Magotha from Alexandria with a poster saying “justice for Moesha”.The pictures shows Moesha with stab wounds all over her body and it is said she was stabbed more than 20 times by her married boyfriend.

The married boyfriend stabbed her and also wrote words on her forehead with a knife.Not much was said but today there is a court appearing for the boyfriend in Alexandria Magistrate court in Eastern cape.

The intentions behind the stabbing is not yet known but its so bad to see women go through this pains and abuse in the hands of their lovers.Many may blame the girl for dating a married man but it doesn’t justify that she was violated and she could have died in all this.


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