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5 Actors Who Were Fired By The Fergusons From The Queen

Entertainment powerhouse couple Connie and Shona Ferguson have shown time and time again that they are not afraid to pull the trigger and fire people from their television shows.

The Fergusons have defended themselves saying that it is the nature of the industry that characters come and go. Responding fans during a live Instagram chat with Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus in The Queen, Connie said,

“Guys, this is a soap, it’s a telenovela, okay? Characters come and go. That’s how soaps operate.

“It’s for the story. Sometimes . . . to introduce another story but characters come and go. This is not something that is exclusive to The Queen or exclusive to Rockville or exclusive to Isibaya. It happens everywhere all the time,”

Shona added,

“I think that’s what people don’t know. The reality of what we do is ‘you are going to see new people in and out’. It’s the nature of storytelling.”


Below are five actors who were fired by the Fergusons from The Queen.


Dineo Langa

Actress and television presenter Dineo Langa who had been with the show since its first episode in 2016 was fired from The Queen after she asked for some time off to shoot another movie. Instead, she received a stern email from the Fergusons telling her to not return to work after the lockdown.

Dineo who used to play the role of Kea Khoza later confirmed that she was fired from the telenovela. She revealed this in an Instagram post after a fan asked her about leaving the Queen. In the post, Dineo said,

“Ang’buyi mina ngaxoshwa (I am not coming back, I was fired)”.

Replying to another user she said: “My character was removed from the show. The character will be dying soon soon”


Rami Chuene

Veteran actress Rami Chuene was also killed off from the hit television shown after her relationship with the Fergusons deteriorated when she allegedly sided with fellow actress Vatiswa Ndaba. This is after the seasoned actress, wrote an open letter to sports, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, last year, highlighting her experiences working for the Fergusons. The letter was highly critical of the Fergusons.

Chuene played the role of Gracious “T-Gom” Mabuza, a fiery, religious and gun-toting woman, who was wildly popular with the fans.

Confirming her exit from the show, Rami Chuene wrote,

Mlamli Mangacala

Actor Mlamli Mangcala who played the role of Captain Sthembiso Radebe on The Queen also left the show after making allegations of lies and deception. Mangcala claimed that he was being exploited by the Fergusons whom he alleged basically made him pay for him to appear on television.

According to Mangcala, he had to cover his own travel and accommodation costs when travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg to shoot. He also said that he never got the salary that he was promised as he would only get an increment of R100 when he negotiated his contract.

Sello Maake ka Ncube

Veteran actor Sello Maake ka Ncube who used to play the role of Kgosi also left The Queen under a cloud. However, ka Ncube did not give any details as to what had transpired to make him leave the show and instead said that the Fergusons were the only ones who could reveal the fuzzy details behind his exit from the show.

Sello Maake Ka Ncube stated the following:

“The Fergusons can only be the one’s who will reveal the sketchy details surrounding my exit on the show. However, I can confirm that, there was something that went wrong between us but they are best suited in letting the public know of what the reasons were.”

The actor, however, expressed his support for Rami Chuene when she was fired from the Queen.


 Marah Louw

Seasoned television actress who played the role of Sis Boi on the Mzansi Magic show was also fired by the Fergusons after she apparently refused to shoot a scene which was too traumatic for her. Said Marah

“I refused because the storyline resembled an incident that is in my book. I told them that I was not going to re-enact my life in a soapie. I refused because it is the kind of incident that I would not want to go through again, let alone talking about it. I told them that they got the story from my book and there is a copyright issue involved. They asked another actress to act in the episode, which still hurt me.”

Louw also revealed that she was offered a per-call contract on the popular soapie which she found “insulting and disrespectful” considering her decades of experience in the industry.

Shona Ferguson later claimed that Marah was not fired from the show but was in and out of contract. A furious Marah punched back and shared a letter which proved that she had been fired by Ferguson Films.

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