BREAKING: Orlando Pirates Star Accused Of R_pe And Assault

One of Orlando Pirates spin doctors is being accused by his wife of r_ping her twice and beating her almost to a pulp in two separate incidents. The wife, who can not be named for legal reasons, said the prominent spokesman, who also can not be named for legal reasons, r_ped her in their matrimonial home when she returned home from Zimbabwe in 2016. She said he plundered her for the second time in September 2018 in their matrimonial home after they had separated. She also added that she was assaulted again in January 2015.

The explosive details were contained in statements she issued to Sunday World earlier this week. This after she obtained an interim protection order against him at the Randburg Magistrate Court after complaining that the spin doctor wanted to seize the Audi 5 he gave her to run her personal errands and was harassing her financially because he refused to pay spousal maintenance for her despite the Pretoria High Court ordering him to do so.

“On 4 January 2015 (name withheld) assaulted me after he’d been away from the 31st of December. His reasons for assaulting me were that our daughter had used his credit card to buy a modem. I reported the assault to the Midrand police but I felt sorry for him and withdrew the charges.” Reads the statement.

Orlando Pirates Star Accused

She said she reported the matter to club chairman Irvin Khoza’s late wife about the Orlando Pirates stars’ behavior. She said on October 4, 2016 she went to Bulawayo to attend the funeral of her friend’s father. “I returned on the Friday afternoon to find him still in the house. We had dinner and retired to bed at around 10pm, whereupon he proceeded to assault and r_pe me saying I have been cheating on him. And yet again I did not open case. I guess I was too shocked,” she said.

In November 2017 thethe Orlando Pirates spic doctor and his wife met at Hyde Park and agreed to separate and that both agreed to use attorneys. “But when reality set in, he began to come to the house at crazy hours and would be abusive, leading and would be abusive, leading me to change the house locks. In September 2018 he asked that we divorce and though I was hurt, I agreed. Then he changed his mind in October. Needless to say he never turned up till tow weeks later, on the 8th of November, whereupon he wanted to have sex. And when I refused, using my ancestral calling as an excuse as I could not have s_ex with a stranger, he proceeded to ra_pe me, she said.

The spin doctor did not want to comment.

– IHarare

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