He denied his pregnancy and the baby came out looking exactly like him

Robert and I met at flora park in February 2019. We were chatting every day when we got time. We will some days meet and have lunch but not knowing his intentions about me. He was handsome and had a good heart. He will sometimes not go to his work just to come and see me by that time I was telling myself that I met the man that I have been wanting all the time. Not knowing how he will react when I get pregnant. Remember I was still doing grade 12, all my classmates were enjoying everything that they had. They were all not dating their peers but sugar daddies that where I got pressure and started to do the same.

They will sometimes tell me that if I do not date sugar daddies where will I get money to slay because my peers do not have money indeed, they are broke. During that times I was dating this other guy who was also doing grade 12 and I ended up dumping him because he was not maintaining me. I mean he was not giving me enough money to slay and also the pressure that I was getting from my friends was somehow. Every guy from where I was schooling was crushing me because I was slaying that time. I will sometimes not go to school and go out with my blesser when my parents were trying to talk to me, I was not listening to them. Truly speaking sometimes when I was alone, I would regret everything that I have said to them. Because they were my parents and I did not have to act like that to them.

One day my parents told me not to come back home because I was going to Durban July with my blesser. They told me that I am no longer listening to them these days and that was truth on Fridays I was always going out with my friends, we will sometimes go to pubs buy champagnes and other things just to celebrate our new lives. Then I moved out and went to stay with my friend at hotel where blessers were paying everything and they came anytime they wanted to be there. We were changing them and bunked classes because that time we thought that there was not necessarily for us to go to school.

Then I got pregnant last year august, I never enjoyed everything from that day. I told blesser of mine that I am pregnant then he told me that he has a family to take care of and he does not remember making love with me without using a protection. I wanted to kill myself because my friend was tired of me and not contributing so I ended up going home and apologized. I was ashamed of everything that I have done because I was pregnant, and my parents were angry at me. They did not even say anything but accepted my apology. Then this year April I gave birth to a baby boy who looks the same to that blesser. His face I really wanted to cry but there is nothing that I can do. I am saying this to young generation that blessers are everywhere but do not be fooled by money from them take care of yourselves and go to school.


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