SASSA Update: September and October (Pending vs. Alternative income identified)

With so much adventure that has been going on thus numerous installments to be handled – SASSA keeps on declining some applicated who have an elective salary source that has been recognized. Some case they have no other wellspring of pay and have acknowledged and given up – yet individuals can even now advance the issue.

It is clear that SASSA is as yet preparing May, June, and July installments for the individuals who have not gotten a solitary penny. As indicated by our source, no installments have been made for the period of August and September, and that all installments for Aug, Sep, and October will be paid in a mass for those endorsed and who have not gotten.

OCTOBER – the finish of SRD Payments is close, as the approaches – tragically a few people have not receieved any installments, and some have just gotten single installments – where in different cases, some have been getting declined for different months.

SASSA utilizes diverse machanism to distinguish all wellsprings of pay for each and single agreeing, on the off chance that you feel have been declined accidentally you can request on


Records are forthcoming, and September has not been handled – as we are made a beeline for the finish of SRD awards for COVID-19 and the effect it has done to the worldwide enonomy.

Are you one of the individuals who have declined due to the ‘elective salary source recognized’ – individuals don’t spare a moment to inform us as to whether this was done in blunder in remarks beneath.

– OperNews

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