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Zuma’s wives are leaving him fast

So Zuma’s wives are leaving him fast fast. Many were just there to because of the positions he held. Now that he is a nobody, they can see they are wasting their lives here.

I’m not sure that’s a fair statement because it creates the impression they are leaving him without good reason. He’s neglecting his financial responsibility to them and his kids. He’s not even visiting them. What are they supposed to do? He’s the one who abandoned them.

They could be leaving him to move the millions that have been plundered. Don’t underestimate him. The state will go for all ill gotten gains wherever they sitting in whoseever name they sit.

He is too old to perform. His wives are still young excluding MMA Khumalo. They need a strong bull. At 70 something, he is expired. I doubt that the senile lady that owns that R1million Spaza shop will leave him..The rest are good diggers.

I thought they were there for the money. What point is the prestige if your cupboard is full of clothes and shoes you’ve worn before.They in search of greener pastures. The Jacobian prick is dysfunctional.

The sad thing about Zuma is the temerity in agreeing to be available for the position of leader of the ANC that led to the Presidency of the country. Where did this come from?

– IHarare

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