How a student replied his teacher, see the WhatsApp Chats

Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. Apart from your parents they also shape your lives by imparting knowledge to you and help inculcate good morals in you.

They act as agents of change and counsel pupils in their choice of careers. Again, they guide and counsel pupils and students entrusted in their care.

Teachers can really impact on the lives of many children, especially when they leave a good impression on them. Many pupils are able to keep in memory teachers who in one way or the other affected their lives positively or negatively.

Indeed, teachers often make the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful one; between one who loves to read and write, and one who doesn’t.

Teachers can make or unmake their pupils. They can help dull pupils to become brilliant. In the classroom, they groom you to become useful citizens in the future. It is, therefore, necessary for pupils to develop a healthy pupil-teacher relationship at all times so that you can approach them with your problems.

Parents are happy with teachers who have good communication (rapport) with their children and credit is always given to teachers when students pass their examinations with distinction.

It is obvious that the pupils/students are quick to learn (positively/negatively) from their teachers, so, teachers should be conscious of the way they communicate with their


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