“I have infected multiple men with HIV” says Kiki. Read her story before you judge her.

Jackline Njoki Mwangi from Kenya is finally coming out in the open about her HIV status and that is followed by a rather unsettling confession.

The woman known as Kiki wa nge’ndo confessed during a live interview hosted by Lynn Ngugi of Tuco talk- Kenya.

She says she has infected multiple men with HIV, knowingly. And she says that with a straight face and shows no regret. But then her reasons will ease the feeling to just her.

She says she is tired of men using her, leaving her with nothing!

She says it is not her responsibility to protect men who don’t want protection.

She says she didn’t get a warning from the person who infected her.

Her background check;

Kiki comes from brojw background and experience so much abuse at the hands of her mother. Her mom would incourage her to date older men, but when things go south she is the first one to insult her.

She is currently dealing with depression, all her friends and family have turned their back on her.

She only has 2 regrets An*l $ex and trading her body for money.

She repeats “i am not any body’s keeper, and no body is my keeper hence i found myself in this situation. I pray to God that may He reveal what is instore for me in the future”

Truth is pain will make you bleed on people who didn’t hurt you. Apart from all these storms Kiki stil manages to motivate young girls and advice them on the importance of using protection. And she is running her salon that employs 4 people ”

I pray she finds the help she needs and heals from deep within


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