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Master KG Finally Responds, Slams Ntsiki Mazwai

It’s no surprise that Ntsiki Mazwai got dragged following a debate she started where she calls for Jerusalema vocalist, Nomcebo Zikode to own half of the song, since she provided the vocals. She ruffled a few feathers when she claimed that Nomcebo was not getting the much deserved recognition.

Ntsiki caused an uproar on social media when she suggested that Nomcebo should get an equal pay as Master KG from the song, considering that she wrote the lyrics and sung the whole song. Ntsiki then shaded the producer by suggesting that if Nomcebo does not get a 50% share, then Master KG should pay her like a “session artist.”

“Master KG did the beat. Nomcebo did the vocals. That’s a 50/50 split. And I hope Master KG paid her for the session ke since it’s his song only,” she said.

The poet even went as far as saying the song would not have been as big as it is, if it were different, probably male vocalist, had been the vocalist and songwriter.

Ignoring the shade thrown by Ntsiki, Master KG continued to promote, tag and endorse the musical efforts of Nomcebo. Master KG has always either tagged Nomcebo when Jerusalema achieved another milestone.

Responding to Ntsiki, Master KG said “There are so many songs in this world where people are featured I never saw you or anyone saying this…Or is there something behind what you saying… Anyway Bless up my Sister one Love.”


Trying to defend her words, Ntsiki said she was only responding to a debate that was started on women in the industry.

“Guys how this debate started was one of the tweeps said we need to stop erasing women…And big up Nomcebo. Nothing wrong with that,” she tweeted.

She even commented on Nomcebo’s hit song Xola Moyawam saying if Master KG produced the song, then he is also entitled to own 50% of the song.

During the release of her debut album, “Xola Moya Wam’,” Master KG used his social media platforms to promote the album. When the album achieves milestones, Master KG has publicly acknowledged the feats and congratulated Nomcebo on her wins.

Ntsiki still has people labelling her toxic after her natural and weave debate. Ntsiki’s lack of respect for women with weaves has may irritated and cancelling her for her efforts at trying to remain relevant.

Slamming her critics she said she uses her social media platforms for the greater good, unlike a lot of people.

“You have used your Twitter account for selfies and TV commentary… That’s why you think Twitter is a useless platform. Mina, As a writer and social commentator…. I’ve maximized on using Twitter for greater engagement for greater good,” she tweeted.

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