Meet the Dad of 12-years old pregnant girl

Report A pregnant 12-year-old turned into a web sensation subsequent to posting her photographs flaunting her knock via online media. The ‘pregnant and pleased’ youngsters have since gotten blended responses from online media clients. The stunning unexpected development is that clearly the dad mindful is additionally an underage adolescent.

The dad to be is only 14-years of age and is additionally observed with the little youngster in a portion of the viral pictures.

Coming up next are the realities you should think about young Pregnancy in South Africa.

1. More Teenage Fathers Are Willing To Be Actively Involved

In spite of the fact that it has frequently been expected and accepted that adolescent dads aren’t eager to participate in thinking about the infant/children they fathered, an investigation found that an expanding number of fathers are attempting to be more included. This is so independent of the way that the majority of them are young men and are not prepared for parenthood.

“… They communicated a profound awareness of other’s expectations for the youngster and an eagerness to be effectively engaged with the kid’s life. In contrast to reports from the points of view of young ladies, scarcely any men discussed denying paternity… the key inspiration to be available and to take an interest in their youngsters’ lives is the nonappearance of their own dads,” read a portion of the investigation.

2. There’s A Condom Problem

The said investigation called attention to the that lacking prophylactic information and not utilizing contraceptives accurately is one of the components driving high school pregnancy in South Africa.

Regardless of the way that numerous young people have the fundamental information about contraceptives and insurance from undesirable pregnancies, they don’t have a clue how to appropriately utilize the contraceptives reliably. This is best caught by what one of the adolescent moms said – “Truly, we were educated about condoms, yet never truly approached them and furthermore couldn’t utilize them regardless of whether we had them since no one set aside the effort to show us the correct way.

“We couldn’t utilize the information we picked up in class as it was insufficient to give us an image of the correct way.”

3. No! Young Girl Don’t Get Pregnant To Get Government’s Child Support Grant

In an offer to clarify why an ever-increasing number of young ladies are getting pregnant in the nation, it began coursing that the young ladies are taking in just to take advantage of the kid uphold award that originates from the administration. In any case, Statistics South Africa said this isn’t accurate. As indicated by Statistician-General Pali Lehohla, the thought that the awards impact little youngsters to deliver kids is unwarranted.


“… The proof before us over a period from 1998 to 2016 doesn’t show that. It doesn’t show any expansion in the extent of youngsters who are conceiving an offspring, subsequently excusing… that fantasy which is famous (among) guardians particularly in provincial territories,” he said.


The nation’s clergyman of wellbeing concurred with Lehohla bringing up that a larger part of high school moms just registers for social awards two years in the wake of bringing forth a kid. “On the off chance that definitely they were falling pregnant on the grounds that they focus on the social awards, why hang tight for a long time?” He inquired.

4. Not Talking About sx Is The Taboo

Accepting sx is an untouchable subject has gone far in encouraging the far-reaching of adolescent pregnancy in South Africa. A few examinations have discovered that the absence of correspondence among guardians and their kids intensifies the issue. Numerous South African guardians actually trust it is untouchable to discuss sx with youngsters. In that capacity, the children fall pregnant in light of the fact that they need parental direction and good examples.



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