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PICS: Connie Ferguson’s Parents And Sister Are Family Goals

There is no doubt that Connie Ferguson is a boss lady.

She’s an actress, motivational speaker, businesswoman, fitness guru, mother and film mogul.

Connie Ferguson is also known for her family values and is constantly giving updates on her family with Shona Ferguson, their daughters, their grandchild, her siblings and her parents and even her ex husband, Neo Matsunyane is part of the big circle.

Unfortunately, Connie lost her mother, Margaret Masilo, 7 years ago and she has often said her mother’s death left a gap in her life and she’s still having a hard time coming to terms with her it.

She once paid tribute to her mother on social media, revealing how the loss has impacted her.

“Moms, I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing you. I cherish all the memories I have of you. Sometimes your physical absence still doesn’t feel real. Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’ll wake up to a text message from you first thing in the morning. Those were my favorite!

However her dad Tuelo ‘Fish Masilo is still very much alive and very fit for for an 83 year old.

Fish Masilo is a karate master with a black belt to his name, so you don’t want to mess with his daughter.

He is a true sensei with several accolades all in his name. It must be where Connie Ferguson gets her fitness enthusiasm from , after all the apple does not fall far from the the tree.

She’s occasionally gushes about him on social media.

Connie Ferguson’s sister is Atoise Pilane and the girls are more than just sisters, they are also best friends.

Atoise is also the producer of The Queen S4, The Throne S1 and Kings of Joburg, proving that filmmaking runs in the family.

Atoise once described Connie Ferguson as being more like a mom to her.

You taught me a lot of things, that to present have mounded me into a woman I have become. I will always be grateful for you my Benas, like I always say to you I don’t t know where I would be right now if you have not taken me under your wing,My Benas you have taken me in when I was still young, firstly as a young sister but changed and you become my second Mom.

No wonder nothing shakes her at all, she has a whole family behind her, backing up her up.

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