You Promised To To Marry Me Recap…Groom Confesses He Joined Illuminati To Get Rich

Last night’s episode of You Promised To Marry Me, was a bit unusual in the sense that the drama and theatrics were on the low and it ended with both parties trying to find and amicable and peaceful solution.

Instead of displaying open hostilities as per usual, the guilty potential groom Tebogo, actually welcomed his potential to bride, Sibongile well, by hugging her and kissing her.

Sibongile Magadizi who hails from Carletonville wrote to You Promised To Marry

Me, because after 13 years of being together and kids between them Tebogo still hasn’t led her to the aisle.

Although Tebogo paid lobola, the couple have been fighting over money matters a lot, sometimes their arguments get violent.

Tebogo is irresponsible with money, he’s always looking to make a quick buck by joining dodgy money schemes.

Tebogo revealed that he joined the Illuminati because he wanted to be rich and make Sibongile happy.

Tebogo said he wants to marry Sibongile but he doesn’t have the financial resources to make it happen, they also have a 3 kids to take care of, meaning their finances are stretched thin.

He claimed that he joined the Illuminati to make Sibongile happy but all she’s does is complain.

Instead of the crazy drama, Jub Jub and his crew left Sibongile and her family to solve their issues amicably with Tebogo.

We’re not sure what they agreed on afterwards and if there’s going to be a wedding in the future.

Here are some comments by the viewers.

“For once someone of married on this show, no drama, no skhipha ama files, no infidelity stories etc #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“If he managed to save one cow in five years and he needs five cows, they are getting married in 2045 #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“Their marriage is gonna last coz there was no time for witches to prepare their muthi. #YouPromisedToMarryMe”


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