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Khanyi Mbau On Why She Hasn’t Cried YET After Losing Her Father

South African media personality, Khanyi Mabu, is attempting to hold it together for her younger siblings, as they continue to struggle with the passing of their father, Menzi Mcunu. Whilst trying to stay positive and up beat as one of the older immediate family members, fans couldn’t help but notice that Khanyi hadn’t taken time to deal with the major loss that has occurred.

Steel Tsoso tweeted to her, “I saw you grabbing the bull by the horns during your father’s funeral service, I understand that someone had to, but please remember to give yourself time to cry, and break down we all know that you are daddy’s little girl Mina ubabakho I know him ngwawe…you are loved.”, To which Khanyi responded with, “When that moment comes I will…”.

Another fan thanked her for remaining positive and seeing the lighter side of the hate comments. He credited Khanyi’s father for raising a woman who is able to laugh at herself, to which Khanyi responded with, “We need to normalize humor as public figures. But also our followers need to remember we are human too and not perfect. Everyone in this platform just wants to be heard and seen. No love lost but gained.”

Both Khanyi and her half-brother, Lasizwe, mourned the passing of their father differently on social media, with Lasizwe being subjected to social media bullying once again. The negativity followed after he had posted snaps in attendance at his father’s funeral and all the pictures he posted were emotional and was drenched in tears.

Khanyi’s social media tribute seemed a bit more appropriate, with many assuming that she knew how to handle it because of her age, unlike Lasizwe. The media personality posted a video of her and her father Menzi Mcunu breaking it down at the dancefloor and left her followers grabbing tissues. The clip show that he was a huge fan of dancing and his presence lit the room.

The entertainer and his famous sister Khanyi both announced the passing of their father Menzi Mcunu, whilst on a much-needed trip to the Western Cape.

The comedian revealed the news through his Instagram stories and that he and his family discovered the news together, while they were still together on the trip in Cape Town. Thinking of that moment, Lasizwe went on to write that, “One of the best weekends with my siblings, and now this happens.”

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