There is more to this as 2 females found dead at KwaMashu near the community health center

Two women found dead in KwaZulu-Natal in Kwamashu near community health center. The killing of women and children has become a fashion to some people. It’s like when they kill they become rich or they will be paid for that killing.

It seems as if Minister Bheki Cele is not doing enough when it comes to protecting the people and the country as a whole as he promised when taking up this job. Many people have lost their lives right under his nose and he is doing nothing about it.

If there can be someone doing a party and invite many people he would appear. He hates alcohol as if it’s a person who has done something bad, something that he can not forgive. People are losing their lives daily and children are becoming orphans and nothing is being done by that.

It is so painful seeing a woman lying there helpless and dead. Why can’t people just separate without killing each other. There is more to this killing than it meets the eye. Some operation is going on and we don’t know about it yet.

If it was possible that these judges were people who once experienced the same pain. If they were somebody who has once lost their loved ones due to these brutal circumstances. They would really see the need of a death penalty with parole or any bail.


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