It Will End In Tears For Grace As Simo Goes AWOL On His Wedding Day

The venue is ready, the guess are there, they have arrived in numbers, the bride is ready to say I do, but where is the groom? That will be a mystry that remains to be solved by Grace on her wedding day.

Romeo Medupe may have tried his best to make sure that Simo Shabangu disappears and not be anywhere near Grace since he knows that it will end in tears, and whatever he did seem to have pushed Grace even closer to Simo than he would have likes.

After doing all he could to stop the relationship, Grace finally agreed to marry Simo despite all the efforts Romeo has put to try separating the two.

The question in every viewer’s mind is, is the wedding going to happen? Is Romeo going to allow it? Is he going to give up on trying to save his mom from a possible heartbreak?

Well, if a child is playing with fire, you stop him/her because you know the child will get burnt, but if he insists, you might have to step back and watch the child play and getting burnt, then you come in with the ‘I told you so’.

A major heartbreak from Simo awaits Grace as the are about to get married, he will go AWOL on his wedding day and keep Grace and every guest waiting while he is nowehre to be found, not answering his phone, not in his room, not on the way to the wedding, but where is he?

Being a scheming person he is, anything might have happened to him, or maybe Mamba got to him before he could tie the knot with Grace?

Whatever happened to him, it leads to the teary end for Grace who has to tell the guests that the wedding is no longer happening.


Let us hope Romeo will have nothing to do with Simo’s disappearing on his wedding day because if he is involved, Grace will definately disinherit him.

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