Night shifts are not good for women anymore, look what happened to this woman

Being a woman in South Africa is pain alone. South African women have been going through a terrifying and traumatizing phase. According to the reports, there are more than 660 women who have been brutally murdered in 2020, here, in South Africa. Crime statistics also reveal the most disturbing information about the crime rate in South Africa it reveals that South Africa is leading with the highest cases of r_pe-related crimes.

Anxiety might send out women to an early grave and I personally think that night shifts are not safe for women especially for those women who don’t have cars or reliable transport. Look what happened to this lady who works hard for her family. “On a bright blue Monday morning on her way from night shift(she missed her taxi), a man struck a midwife in the face with a rock,” says the reporter.

The report continues “She fought back while he attempted to rape her. She screamed. A bystander heard her and helped” a reporter concludes. So the question is what would have happened if there was no bystander? leave a comment below and tell us what should be done to avoid this from happening.

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