The rumours about Nelson Mandela that can set the whole country on fire

The rumours about Nelson Mandela will never end, not anytime soon. Every time people are coming out with their different theories regarding Nelson Mandela and his Robben Island time Served.

Nelson Mandela was convicted and sentenced life sentence in the early nineties and was sent to the Robben Island Prison where he then served 27 years before he was acquitted and voted as the president of South Africa

There have been stories that the person who was released in 1990 was not Nelson Mandela, but was a guy called Gibson Makhanda.

Some people believe that Nelson Mandela died in Robben Island when he was just 67 years of age, that is why on his birthday we celebrate 67-minutes for Mandela. Bare in mind that this are just speculations.

They have also came forward to say that if he was the Real Nelson Mandela, why is it that he never spoke Xhosa, not even a single word.

They believed that Madiba should’ve come out of Robben Island as black man, not just race but in colour too, but a light skinned man came out.

Remember that these are just speculations by people, there’s not truth in this.

– OperaNews

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