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Unathi disclosed a shocking secret ingredient used for her hair

Unathi Nkayi opens up to her followers on how she cares for her hair. The star’s hair is natural and she’s been able to nurture it with a secret ingredient given her by some Swaziland women. The radio personality says weed is her secret ingredient, among other special things she uses.

“Many of you ask me how I keep my hair strong and hairline respectful,” she started. “So I don’t use a comb EVER and seldom use brushes. It’s mostly the hand. I don’t apply direct heat either. I don’t use hair foods or moisturisers anymore. Mostly oils and make mixtures to base my hair. I also use weed in the mix😏BUT that’s my secret which was given to me by a women from SWAZILAND who I had never met. She loved my hair and said I deserve to know the Swati secret,” Unathi disclosed.


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