White Woman Who Came to Visit a Guy She Met On Facebook, Refuses To Go Back to her home

We often wonder sometimes why people acts very funny in this world. When people do odd things when it comes to love, and they tell their love.

Many things have happened in the name of love, all without knowing the true story. The lady in the picture below was allegedly told how to visit her Facebook lover in Nigeria and after a very long time refuses to go back home, and many people said their love while others said it might be superb behind it.

Reactions from individuals on Facebook concerning this post were quite odd.

This lady from Scotland refused to go back to home country after paying a visit to the Nigeria young man she met in social media (Facebook). This raised lots of uproar on social media, after people said, something is wrong somewhere.

We often hear, Love is a beautiful thing and Love is blind but this is what people call true love, love without condition.

So guys what do you think of the this two?

What can you say about this white lady?


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