The Queen’s Gift Mabuza Actor Threatens Man For Pursuing His Bae On Social Media

Actor Thabang Molaba, has read the riot act to the guy chasing after his girl.

Thabang Molaba, who has never been the one to publicly display his relationship online, this time raised his hackles when a man showed interest in his bae.

The actor who is known for his role as Gift Mabuza on The Queen and Karabo on the teen drama Blood And Water, didn’t mince his words on Twitter, when he called out the guy and exposed him saying he even follows them on social media together with his girlfriend.

Although Thabang Molaba didn’t do a name and shame exercise his did say the guy was also in a relationship with someone else and they follow the couple on social media, together with his girl.

Write Thabang

“Ladies, nihamba nijola hey (you date whoever) . This one busy halaring at my girl, that time I follow him and his hun, we ALL know they dating coz they ouchea bout it. He follows me and my girl, he knows about us but STILL? Yesses. I’m p*ssed,” .
Ladies, nihamba nijola hey.

“He’s doing it on purpose ungamnaki. I just pity his girlfriend coz he clearly doesn’t care for her. Probably just using her…kona sihamba sila man

The actor once broke Twitter back in 2018 when he revealed that she was single and searching for the one.

“I’m ready to be an amazing boyfriend to someone’s daughter and treat her like a queen. 😊* he wrote

A lot of girls responded to his wanted ad with enthusiasm, but now it seems he is sorted, he’s got himself a Bae and he’s ready to go to war for her.


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