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These celebrities were just famous yesterday, where are they now??

It is very important that when your are a celebrity whether in the acting, music or voice over artist industry, you still need to keep your head up and let your face beforever thrilled to be on screen. Take a look at a few celebrities that are battling to make it to the top again.


Remember back in the 1990s when kwaito was still a thing in this country? this young man over here was the reason why some of our uncles and mothers were breakdancing their butts off. After featuring Artists like Trompies and Msawawa on a few songs he went off media since then. Where could He be now?

Number 2


Although people might have criticized her physique and acting skills as they would to any other artist , she still made it to the Iconic soapie Generations and further got a role on Ashes to Ashes broadcasted on etv but after the big 2 television breakthrough which rock did she hid to?

Number 3

Ntando and Hlelo Masina

The petite and flamboyant twins who were once TV stars and starred on “Blame It On fame” until 2012 are now nowhere to be found on our screens, is it “Fame-down” or they are perhaps doing something off screen? Well the camera misses them.

Number 4

Denise Zimba

She was just famous few minutes ago , after being herself a great role of Mary on Generations the Legacy she was also seen on screen presenting on V-entertainment and was once a co-host on Ridiculousness Africa but where is she now with all that Glamour and bubbly personality?

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