This Is Why Hleziphi might Disappear From UZalo

Sibongiseni Shezi who plays Hleziphi on SABC 1 television soapie Uzalo entered the show as a young school girl, she has now grown and becoming more of woman than a little girl.

Hleziphi is Nonka’s friend and Njeza’s lover , but things between her and Njeza are not going very well. Hleziphi has been everything to Njeza until Mangcobo came through slowly destroying the relationship that these two have.

Mangcobo is struggling financially and need a fearless man like Njeza to help her rise up and live a high life again, that is why she is forcing Njeza to stick to her and forget about Hleziphi. Njeza is also hungry and desperate , he has no other option but to stay close to Mangcobo so that he might find a better life.

Hleziphi also hoped her boyfriend Njeza would help her fix her life and become something though she’s not well educated. Hleziphi might end up disappearing from the show if she loses Njeza for good. She might end up not having a role to play since she can’t defeat Mangcobo that easily, plus it’s time for Mangcobo to go face to face with Nkunzi until one wins riches and power.


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