Check Out This Strange – Looking Snake That No One Has Ever Seen Before

Since the lockdown request was granted, I have been a steady guest at my sibling’s ranch and I returned to my town in Oka Akoko, Ondo state, where I help on a day-to-day basis with his homestead items.

Since he delivers garri in large quantities, Brother Segun is a cassava rancher, but he also has another home where he raises domesticated animals.

During one of the regular ranch visits, about 2 pm on Tuesday, something odd happened that left me stupefied.

I found that in the winged creature segment, the chickens produced a lot of clamor than anticipated. So I went to the field to see what was happening, and on the pavement, I saw six inert chickens.

I called it my uncle’s consideration, who said that most likely a contamination has found its way into the homestead and the feathered creatures are tainted, uncertain as to why the chicken passed on. So he asked me to fetch and set fire to the flying animals.

When I saw something crawling out, I was tied in with getting the third fowl, at first I thought it was a frog, but after studying carefully I discovered it was a snake, or should I say frog-snake because I’m genuinely confused about what the strange animal is.

Extremely atypical! By what means can a snake have a hand and a frog’s leader? Although it was possible for such a species of snake to live somewhere out in dreamland, it occurred to me at that point that the snake was responsible for the clamor and the dead chickens found on the floor.

I was too afraid to even contemplate making attempts at night to slaughter it. And yet, I was really asking myself about seeing the remarkable animal.

I chased after it in order to get an ideal view and preview that is included in this article, despite being terrified.

Despite my introduction, an attack by the ‘witches’ of my village would have been attributed to this animal. Smiles!

Has anybody seen it before?

Can some scientist show to me how genetic this wonder can be imagined!

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