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Could This Be Ayanda Ncwane’s Real Age?

South Africans have always loved Sfiso Ncwane both as an artist and a person. His music revived many souls and his heart touched most people, especially his fans. He was one of Mzansi’s most loved gospel artists.

It was not only his music that he kept close to the heart, Sfiso was a family man who had massive and visible love for his wife Ayanda, who became a widow in 2016 following his death.

Ayanda did not let life pass her by after her husband’s death. Instead, she decided to continue living life to the full.

With all the style and the beauty, Mzansi began to wonder how old Ayanda is because it seems she is becoming more younger when she should be aging.

Well, She is estimated to be around 36 years old. This came as a shock to some of her fans, especially those who thought that the Ncwane queen was 40 years old. Could 36 years be her real age?


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