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Generations Star Vusi Kunene (Jack Mabaso) Is A Pastor In Real Life

Many people associate him with being ruthless and unforgiving. The bad gangster of Generations : The Legacy Vusi “Jack Mabaso” Kunene is feared on the soapie. But is real life is far from his onscreen persona? The soft spoken Jack Mabaso is a pastor in real life. He also shares many attributes to being a model citizen and a humble celebrity.

Vusi Kunene plays the role of Jack Mabaso on Generations The Legacy, a role characterized by power, cunning, manipulation, and desperation.

The resourceful Jack Mabaso is the epitome of power and known for his ability to solve problems. Onset Minister Walter Nkaba was once shocked and questioned Mabaso’s source of power.

In real life, Jack Mabaso is a soft man but remains highly competitive and a joy to work with.

Vusi is a believer and a preacher of the Gospel don’t be deceived by his onset antics, the unforgiving and cunning character, Jack Mabaso is a devoted Christian. He takes Pastoral work seriously even if he doesn’t have his own ministry, mostly he gets invitations from other churches to peach and motivate congregants.

Many can argue that in his mid-fifties, Jack Mabaso doesn’t belong to this social media generation where photos have become important at functions than the function itself. Despite being a bit older Vusi Kunene always takes his time to reciprocate so much love thrown towards him and take photos with his fans.

Generations The Legacy star, like most men, Vusi Kunene is a soccer lover, locally he is a staunch Orlando Pirates supporter who hardly miss Pirates home matches, in Europe Jack Mabaso is a die hard Manchester United fan.

Kunene first developed an interest in his acting at the Shell Road to Fame School of the Arts. In 1991, he registered at Wits School of Drama from where he graduated with a degree in Dramatic Art.

It is during his student years at Wits School of Drama that Jack Mabaso became an active actor making impressive appearances in three different films, Drumbeats, The Line, and the mini-series Rhodes. Kunene proceeded with his studies at Wits with his talent to explore his potential to the fullest.


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