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Is Lasizwe Looking For Baby Daddy?

Online media influencer, Lasizwe, put out a public call for potential infant daddy’s, who he intends to have excellent youngsters with. In an Instagram post on Friday, 2 October 2020, Lasizwe shared a picture of himself and his niece, Buhlebendalo Lehumo, as they grinned cheerfully for the camera.

In a since-erased subtitle, Lasizwe guaranteed that he is keeping watch for an attractive man who he could have excellent kids with.

As the applications started streaming in, Lasizwe immediately erased his subtitle and just supplanted it with, “Me and @buhlebendalo.sa!”. His devotees rushed to see the distinction in his subtitle, yet kept on remarking their claims to be his infant daddy. Lloyd Duna remarked with, “Why you changed your subtitle. I’m prepared to be the infant daddy. Child rearing looks great on you boo!”.

Recently, Lasizwe demanded that his niece was in truth his little girl. Up until the debut of Phony It Till You Make It season two, his fans were uncertain of who the child was that he continued posting about. On Tuesday, 26 May 2020 shared a picture of himself where he was considered holding to be newborn child as he grinned affectionately, subtitling the post with, “The best blessing I would actually request, I love my girl to such an extent! #DaddysGirl.

The post quickly accumulated various remarks from fans who scrutinized the paternity of the kid, with many requesting that he halted with act. Senthu Gumede remarked with, “For genuine no doubt?? Stop this. Where’s her parents??”. Lasizwe reacted to his devotees expressing, “Jeezzz, Folks! I didn’t commit an error when I was composing the inscription.” Levi G likewise scrutinized the online media VIP with, “When are you going to be a genuine father?”, to which Lasizwe answered with, “I’m now a father.”

Since it is affirmed that he is in actuality childless, his supporters are holding up with goaded breath to see who will make him a daddy and not a zaddy!


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