Gomora Spoiler Alert: Teddy’s Affair With His Teacher

Leera Mthetwa has been entertaining Gomora fans for her role as Jackie Hlongwane; a teacher at Gomora High. She is street-smart with her Pitori-Tswana-Lingo and caring towards her learners; even more caring towards one learner more than others; Teddy played by Sicelo Buthelezi.

Their relationship has raised a lot of suspicion on social media where fans have speculated that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Gomora has always been an educational show that aims to highlight issues in South African schools and South African societies.

Teddy’s teacher Mam Hlongwane is apparently going to have an affair with him because she’s had a crush on him since she laid eyes on him. This will be the first time Teddy will have an intimate relationship with a woman as Buhle broke his heart when she started dating Ntokozo.

Teddy is soft-hearted, kind, and easy to pursue and his teacher knows that. She knows that he has low self-esteem and low self-confidence. She wants to rescue him from his poor background and alcoholic mother ad she cares for Teddy like a man, as opposed to just her student.

that Teddy calls her whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on, especially towards the end of the year; exam season. She’s going to go out of her way to make sure that Teddy passes his exams and will even risk her career for him. Teddy is going to fall hard for her, even more than Buhle!

It will be Mam Hlongwane’s first offense in her career, so it’s not clear if she will come back to Gomora High when the secret is out or whether she’ll transfer to another school.

Zodwa is going to be livid and she’ll want her to pay for sleeping with a minor (her underage son) and she’ll want her teaching license to be revoked.

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