This Woman Asked a ‘Prophet’ to Bring Back Her Lost Lover – This is What Happened

The woman in the picture above is Xichavo, a social media influencer who had the courage to share a story of how desperate she was to bring back her lost lover.

She explains that she once had a good boyfriend who treated her good but suddenly, things changed and the boyfriend started shouting at her and mistreating her. At this point, she was desperate and wanted things to be normal again between herself and her boyfriend so she started looking for solutions whereby she found a prophet to help her in this regard.

As she expains, she searched for the ‘prophet’ on Facebook and found one. According to her, other people even commented that the ‘prophet’ does help indeed to bring back a lost lover. She however did not want to be easily identified so she decided not to text using her Facebook account.

She went ahead and took the contact numbers provided for WhatsApp and texted the ‘prophet’ on WhatsApp. The ‘prophet’ then told her that she has to pay R700 and they will help her to make her boyfriend to do everything and anything that she wants.

Xichavo revealed that she told the ‘prophet’ that she does not want her boyfriend to be stupid, she just want things to get back to normal. The ‘prophet’ told her that she will say everything that she wants herself.

Xichavo went ahead and paid a deposit of R350 as she wanted to make things snapy.


From there, she was instructed to buy four white candles of which she did go and buy. The ‘prophet’ told Xichavo that they needed something before they can help her so they will get back to her once they get it.

The ‘prophet’ allegedly texted Xichavo later on the following day and asked her if she was ready and for this Xichavo has always been ready so she said yes she is ready.

And the process of helping Xichavo bring back her lost lover was soon to begin.

The ‘prophet’ said she must light those candles that she bought and put them as a circle and she did that. The next step was for her to have a glass of milk and put it in the circle of candles before drinking.

The next step She was instructed on was to stand in the circle of candles, drink the milk and say everything that she wants her boyfriend to do and she did that.

After this, she was instructed to switch off the candles. The ‘prophet’ then said they would get back to her.

The following morning on WhatsApp, Xichavo got a text from the ‘prophet’ that said that there is a problem as her boyfriend found another woman who sacrificed a goat for him so if Xichavo wants her boyfriend back she has to buy a goat to break the spell.

Xichavo explains that from that moment she laughed and cried and she knew for sure that she was not going on with this

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