VIDEO: From riches to rags, How a poor man blew R1 million in six months

Teboho, A man from one of the poorest suburbs in South African received an R1 million payout from the Road Accident Fund but blew it within six months.

His brother Tshepo narrated the story to Mzansi Magic’s I Blew It show.

My brother said he was only told about the payout long after Teboho started spending it.

He told me he had received a payout long after he had started spending it. He told me that he had received R1 million

Tshepo said his brother did not have a girlfriend before the payout:

Before he had money, he didn’t have a girlfriend. When he got money, he found a beautiful girl. Whenever they went out, he would spend R25,000 and I could compare my girlfriend to his and it was easy to see who was better looking.

When he was renting in Senaoane, he was sleeping on a be that I gave him. Under the bed were expensive shoes and clothes that he bought, statements from the bank and coins. The space under the bed was serving as his wardrobe. But In my heart I was asking myself, why can’t he buy a two-plate stove and some furniture instead of buying expensive shoes and eating out all the time.

I remember one day I asked why he misuses money, and he said because I want to die. He said I want to spend my money and die. He said I felt a lot of pain for that money.

I realised his money was running out because whenever Teboho showed up, he used to buy expensive whiskies, but he suddenly started buying cheaper beer. I expected him to buy a case, but he would buy two and we share

Agnes, Teboho’s sister in law said Teboho told him that his money had run out and accused his brother Tshepo of withholding his money. The money did not last six months.

Teboho says he has regrets

Right after the accident, they registered my name at Road Accident Fund (RAF). After receiving it, I started spending.

I regret taking Tshepo to the bank. It was not supposed to turn out that way, but what I would want to say to people is that: Don’t trust people close to you. You can love them but don’t trust them.

Watch the episode below:



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