Woman arrested for murdering a child (7), released and killed two more

In April, Pontsho Mohlanka was arrested on charges of murdering a seven-year-old child.

She was released from custody awaiting a forensic report. . . but only days later she’s once again in the dock.


Yesterday, Pontsho Mohlanka (29) from Orange Farm, south of Joburg, appeared in the Vereeniging Magistrates Court in connection with the murders of Simphiwe Mgcina (6) and Mpho Makondo (8).

Mgcina and Makondo were found dead a day after they went missing.

Mohlanka’s arrest in April related to another murder: that of of a seven-year old boy who was her neighbour.

The body was found in her house! According to police, the boy was reported missing on 15 April. A search had led to the woman’s house.

Pontsho was released from custody last month.

Families of the murdered Orange Farm kids were happy a suspect had been caught, but wanted to know why anyone would want to kill innocent kids.

Simphiwe’s gogo, Dudu Majafe, said: “If she did it she must explain to us why the children were murdered.

“She must tell us if she works alone or with other people. We want her to stay in jail. She mustn’t get bail.”

Lerato Makondo didn’t expect the suspect to be so young.

“That woman is known in the area,” said Lerato.

Mohlanka apparently stays close to Lerato’s home.

“We’re horrified that a woman has done this to our children.

“Seeing her made me angry. Why would she do this to young children?”

Mohlanka’s case was postponed to 5 October for a formal bail application.

Psychologist Kgomotso Mosokoana said in such cases, chances are the perpetrator has been fantasizing about killing children. She said to understand the problem fully, she’d have to know her childhood history.

“Until we get to the root of why she’s killing children, the likelihood of her continuing killing is still there.”


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