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Famous Mzansi Celebs Who Have Battled Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse

Some prominent Mzansi celebs, have come forward in the past, to talk about their struggles with drug and substance abuse.

The conversation is no doubt a difficult one to have and it takes a brave person to admit that they had a problem and to talk about it so openly without fear of judgment.

These Mzansi celebs have admitted in the past that they struggled with substance abuse.

Vusi Nova

Vusi Nova whose real name is Vusi Nongxo once opened up that that he turned to drugs to deal with the pain which came with the loss of his mother. He confessed to using all kinds of drugs after her death.

Vusi said he almost lost everything because of his drug addiction, he revealed that he blew R500k on drugs in just 10 months.

“I was a spoilt child, my mother used to spoil me, I spent about R500K in ten months,” he pointed out.”

He said he has now turned his life around and he is now clean.

Riky Rick

The rapper revealed that he was once addicted to pain killer percocet after having it prescribed for a neck injury. He began to take more than the prescribed dosage and soon he was addicted. He has since left that life behind.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo once confessed that she was addicted to cocaine whilst dating Jub Jub and said she did drugs as a gift to him.

She sobered up after attending Narcotics Anonymous and she had been clean ever since.


The singing sensation has been open about her struggles with alcohol and her sister once revealed that at one point, the doctors told her that if she doesn’t quit alcohol she will die. This was after she suffered liver failure.

Zahara is also trying to turn her life around now.

The other prominent Celebs who have admitted to drug and substance abuse are Trevor Gumbi, Nina Hastie, Kabelo Mabalane and Pabi Moloi

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