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PICS: South Africans and Zimbabweans get into a heated argument over a millionare who bought a Lamborghini

Zimbabweans and South Africans are forever looking for something to argue about on Social media despite how small that thing may be.

Recently a Zimbabwean business man who goes by the name Genius Kadungure posted on social media celebrating his new car a Lamborghini Avendator which he captioned “My new toy”. A lot of people congratulated him on his success.

However the argument started when a local news page Briefly-South African News posted the article on their page written “African Businessman Shows off his new Lamborghini” this infuriated some Zimbabweans who were of the opinion that they should have written Zimbabwean man instead of African man

Some South African who were not even aware that the guy was not South African went on to comment on how Hawks and SARS are going to come for him after showing off his car only to be told that the guy was from Zimbabwe.

As much as a lot of people celebrated with him South Africans were left wondering how someone from a very poor country could afford to have such a flamboyant life style.


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