The Sunday Meal That Got South Africans Talking(SEE PICS)

Well if there’s one thing we can agree on as African is the fact the we love our meat, beef, poultry or lamb. We love our meat.

That’s why we’re always finding any excuse to celebrate and slaughter meat. Yes we actually slaughter the meat in our backyards. That’s also part of our tradition.

Now we all have traditions and customs that we believe in and every one of them, there’s always meat involved when there’s a traditional ceremony.

Its like a right of passage to appeasing the ancestors and asking for their blessings. We are Africans and we stay true to our customs and traditions.

Every family has their own traditions and how they prepare their meals. They don’t even cook the food in the same way. However they cook it it’s always lovely.

The vast use of social media has been the main source of our laughter for some time now. Its amazing at all the things you would find online posted by other people.

With that being said. There’s so many things that end up trending on social media, you’d never think a family meal would be one of them.

On Sunday South Africans had a lot to talk about following a post of a meal that was posted online. This was surely a first of its kind.

There was nothing wrong with the food, it was the amount of meat on the plate that got people talking. There was a full chicken dished out for every member of the family.

It wasn’t one chicken divided, each plate had a full chicken of its own in the plate. We even saw pictures of them eating the chicken.

This quickly got people talking as many where expressing that the meat was just a bit too much. Blessings Ramoba also shared the pictures on his Facebook account.

He too like many others who didn’t know what was happening, asked what was the occasion for this family to have so much on their plate.

According to the comments on Blessings posts, it is alleged that it was a traditional cleansing ceremony for the uncle.

The ceremony is usually done by a lot of people from different cultures, we cleanse people after they have lost a loved one.

Some take three months after the death, some take six months and whilst others take 1 year to cleanse their family. It all depends on a lot of different factors.

Well I’ll say that in all my life, I have never ever in my life seen someone put that much meat on a plate. South Africans had a lot to say about this meal. Here’s what they had to say.

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