VIDEO: Uzalo Thulane Comes Back From The Dead To Revenge Nkunzi

Just when we were still reeling from the loss of the Khanyile brothers, Thulane and Godfather on Uzalo, it seems we’re in for a surprise.

The Khanyile brothers were shot by Nkunzi and buried alive before everything went black.

If turns out that one half of the Khanyile brothers didn’t die and he’s back.

Uzalo’s latest preview saw the plot twist of Thulane appearing onscreen.

You have it folks, Thulane is not dead and he’s coming back ready to visit vengeance upon Nkunzi.

The fate of his brother, Godfather is still unknown, whether he survived Nkunzi’s offensive or he’s gone forever.

The Uzalo writers hinted at the return of Thulane after they showed Lilly digging up the grave site where the brothers were snuffed out by Nkunzi.

We never saw the conclusion to Lilly’s findings, but we are now sure that it was a rescue mission for Thulane, who had managed to stay hidden for so long.

Lilly was also receiving weird phone calls and we can conclude now that Thulane was the caller.

She also acted funny when Mondli enquired about the Khanyile brothers’ deaths.

Thulane is reportedly going to join forces with MaNgcobo who is out for blood, after she was stripped off everything and kicked out by Nkunzi.

Mancgobo will plan to steal Nkunzi’s money together with Thulane.

The actors who played the Khanyile Brothers, Thulani Shange and Sizwe Khumbuza left the show abruptly, following rumors that they had been fired for demanding a pay rise.

However, Uzalo publicist said their storyline ran out and they had to leave as a result.

But it seems the fans have a bigger voice because Thulane is back and he’s going to do some damage.

Other characters who have been touted to come are Mxolisi and Mastermind.


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