Generations: The Legacy’s Zitha to die a painful death

Zoe Mthiyane was shown the exit door by Generations The Legacy boss Mfundi Vundla. Zitha turned into uncontrolled drinking and always showed up at work wasted after she went through to a divorce with husband and co-actor, former Generations star Rapulana Seiphemo who played gangster and business mogul Tau Mogale.

According to this publication, the couple’s relationship turned South after Rapulana Seiphemo was caught cheating with a fellow Generations cast member.

Zitha’s boot was with immediate effect, hence her character will be killed off the script. Many have been wondering how she is going to exit and all fingers point in one direction DEATH.

Zitha is set for a gruesome death on Generations according to reports, but who will deliver the fatal blow?

Jack Mabaso to kill Zitha on Generations
Fans are expecting Jack Mabaso to personally put a bullet into Zitha’s head, chances of Jack Mabaso delivering revenge to his former lover Zitha Langa are high.

Jack is a proud man who doesn’t accept defeat and doesn’t appreciate being sidelined, an alpha male who wants to be in total control of his life and those around him. However, with recent shoddy business operations fail due to Zitha and Gadaffi interference, Jack Mabaso will see killing Zitha as a permanent solution.

However Jack is a smart gangster who doesn’t get his hands dirty and he is unlikely to send Luzuko is right-hand man, so who will he send?

Kgosi to kill Zitha
Kgosi is likely to redeem himself and his loyalty to Jack Mabaso through firing bullets into Zitha’s head. Kgosi has been feeding Zitha with Jack’s operations internal information in exchange for sexual favors, he was later tricked and got caught. Surely Kgosi’s loyalty is not with Zitha, he is desperate to amend relationship with Jack and he is likely going to take one for the team.

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