A White Woman Joins A Black Family As A Third Wife Regardless Of Her White Parents Refusing

Love is a beautiful thing ever happened in this world. Love doesn’t see colour of a skin, love discriminate but love choose where it feel it is more comfortable to be situated at. South Africa is more than happy and full of exuberance for Phungula family as look so diverse.

A family from Pietermritzburg with a surname of Phungul


a has shaken the entire Internet and social media with a distinctive step took by the husband on enlarging the family.


Mr Phungula had two wives which is Ncumisa Mlandu and Lebohang Sethole and, Mr Phungula added Michelle Schoeman from Mpumalanga. The other two wives said, “we have warmly accepted Michelle “Mimi” Schoeman” to join us a Add more joy to this beautiful family.

You could tell that this is the most beautiful, lovely and sweet family ever. They happy together enjoying to nurse their King Phungula.

We can also see that Michelle is more than welcome to this family and she is bonding very well with other two wives.

On above picture we see the new beautiful wife Mimi Schoeman enjoying herself with her husband. It is important that she also spent more time with him to keep the fire burning. Michelle is down to earth and very warm and easy to talk with.

Michelle’s parents refused to accept the Lobola from Phungula but they could stop her to join a black family and following her heart. Where there is love, there is also a way. She is happily married and an official Mrs Phungula. Facebook loved her accepted hair.


Mr Phungula is a businessman in Pietermritzburg owning a BnB resort and he is a farmer as well. Michelle is an artist, she is singing she is a businesswoman too.

It is beautiful to see different race get along each even reach this level of staying together. It beautiful again to accept each and allow love to take over.

She has joined the Zulu family and she is learning so fast in practising Zulu activities for women.

Image indeed she has put her entire heart and soul being a wife to a black Zulu man and she fully fit because she likes what she does

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