Actors Who Have Disappeared From The Screen… Where Is Shakira From Scandal Now ?

Actress Dawn Matthews, really left a mark on eTV Scandal fans and she’s still celebrated by fans of the show, even after she left 5 years ago.

Dawn Matthews earned her stripes as the best female TV villain, when she played the role of Shakira on Scandal for ten years.

No one can quite forget, the beautiful but devious and dangerous Shakira, who was constantly scheming and wreaking havoc in the character’s lives.

When she left Scandal, her TV appearances got fewer and fewer until she just disappeared altogether from the public eye.

The eTV crew were sad to see her go but they reiterated that she should always have a home on Scandal

“Her character, Shakira will always be a part of the Scandal! family. Also, Dawn will be documenting her happenings on her Instagram account,” they said

Many people were wondering if she retired from the acting industry and her whereabouts.

Dawn Matthews (44) did not retire, she no longer stays in South Africa, making it difficult for her to star in a home based production

She is married to American, Charlie Sepadin and they decided to relocate to America together with their children.

Dawn Matthews also got her American citizenship, meaning she’s an all American girl now.

Before her role on Scandal, she played the role of Constable Gillian Peterse on the SABC1 drama series, Interrogation Room, from 2004-2006

She also appeared on other soapies and dramas including Egoli (2000-2001) and Song vir Katryn (2003-2005), she co-presented the Afrikaans arts show Kunskafee on kykNET and American Horror Film Snake Island.

So Dawn Matthews is alive and well, she’s just based in a different geography.

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