Hawks Seize Woman’s Car Just After She Got Back Home From New York

Asset Forfeiture Unit has seized about 27 cars which belong to businessman Edwin Sodi. This includes a Ferrari FF and Bentley Continental which are worth R3 million each. Sodi’s bank accounts have also been frozen, pending the outcome of the case.

If that is not all, his girlfriend, kefilwe Mabote was in high spirit and dancing while listening to music that came from her Porche which was bought by Sodi. Moments later, the car was seen being seized by the Hawks.

Sodi also bought a car for Kefilwe Mabote’s aunt. It has also come to light that her car was also seized just when she got home from her overseas trip. The rich aunt had expensive bags of Louis Vuitton, sadly she did not know what she would find at home.

Most people feel that celeb  should come only after convictions because just like what happened with Zandile Gumede when Hawks seized her home and cars, the cars were returned weeks later.

A lot will only be convinced when the cars are auctioned and the man is convicted. For now, they believe it is just a fairytale and arrests should not be celebrated but convictions rather.


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