“IT’S WAR”: White Man threatens and Send Strong Warning To Ramaphosa (See Video)

Following the burning of a Police Van near a court in Free Town, a white South African man has taken to social media to blast, warn and threaten war on President Ramaphosa over the killing of white farmers in the country. Perhaps, he made the video in a dark corner making his full face not fully visible to viewers so as not to be recognized.

Here’s the man’s warning to President Ramaphosa. He said thus; ” It’s War, Ramaphosa it’s War. The World has been telling you, the country has been telling you, the farmers has been telling you, South Africans has been telling you, that your end is near. You better do something about it because I wanna laugh about everything. The only thing you do is waste oxygen that someone much more important could have used. I swear. We usually don’t start something we can’t finish. You have been looking over violence and crimes. Our women and children has been tortured and raped. The other time there was police involved”.

Judging from the man’s voice and his mean face, he probably meant war truly. What are the whites planning to do?


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