Meet The Black Man With Very Long Natural Hair Who Has Won Guinness World Record

When I came across the pictures of a man who has been training his natural hair for years, and because of the length of his hair, he won a Guinness World Record.

I really Liked the length of his hair, so I wanted to find out more about it.

Not only is Benny Harlem one of Instagram’s most successful hair influencers, but he is also a Guinness Record holder for the world’s highest high-top fade.

In 2016, as images of his impressive afro hairstyle went viral on social media, California-based male model and artist Benny Harlem rose to fame. They were only made more popular by the fact that his daughter Jaxyn, who obviously inherited his hair genes, also featured in most of these photos.

Harlem was always a promoter of natural hairstyles, and from a very young age he instilled the same kind of affection in his daughter. Benny says he and Jaxyn only use natural shampoo that they make at home, using natural ingredients, to keep their royal locks looking fresh.

See photos below

He always advised people to love their natural hair, particularly women who love to put on a wig or attachment. Benny says he believes that every woman with her natural hair can be beautiful, and they don’t need the extension that they attach to their head. He said that if you can preserve it, you would love your natural hair.

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