She is 92 years but still slaying. Look at her amazing pictures

Meet grandmother who is still slay like a young woman.

She is 92 year old and she is showing that indeed age is just a number.

The way she dress shows that she is enjoying life to the fullest.

Happiness and laughter are better medicine.

Recently, we stumbled upon such a granny whose OTT fashion game is winning the internet and grabbing eyeballs.

Helen Tuth Alam has more followers of over 3.8 million on instagram. She is a fashionista.

When she was 85 years old, her daughter posted her pictures on Instagram, and people began commenting on how stunning and youthful she looked.

From that day, she created her own instagram and started slaying. She posted more pictures and videos.

She is still energetic that maintains her garden and used to attend church services frequently until COVID-19 checked in.

She has inspired many women who may be having confidence issues.

With her huge number of followers on IG, she can even be paid to market various products as a brand ambassador, especially clothes since she loves fashion.

Below is her pictures:


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