This girl posted her picture on her birthday but people zoomed in and saw something else

People love to capture all their best moments so that they can always look at them and remember how they felt like on that day.

A young girl who goes by the name Dima Mabuna Tau Phalane decided to share her pictures on face book of what had happened on her birthday. She posted a picture with balloons all over while she was in her beautiful morning gown then she wrote “We were just cuddling all day”

She had no idea that her picture would trend that day until a certain guy on twitter who goes by the name @effort-maguta decided to zoom in the picture. He showed the whole world something they had not seen at first glance.

The guy who zoomed in her picture made it seem like he had used the VAR method one that is usually used during soccer when a refree is unsure about which decision to make.

On the corner of the sheet there appeared to be a shiny paper which looked like the one that come with condoms in them. People could not help but laugh that the girl had just been exposed despite her attempt to hide what she actually had been doping from the people.At the end everyone knew the girl was lying as to what she had been up to so she ended up with a red card.


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