The Queen: Kagiso Finally Responds To Rumours Of His Affair With Vuyiswa

Loyiso MacDonald who is popularly known for his character on The Queen, Kagiso Khoza has finally responded to rumours about his alleged affair with Zandile Msutwana, better known as Vuyiswa on The Queen.

MacDonald has been in the mouths of many for allegedly having an affair with The Queen fellow co-star, Zandile Msutwana, better known as Vuyiswa.

MacDonald is incredibly charming and one of the most talented actors in South Africa. He even scooped a SAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor for his role on The Queen. He continues to give us his best and has revealed that he speaks minimal Xhosa and Zulu which really explains why he speaks English all the time and has good English accent on The Queen.

MacDonald has never let fame get to his head and still prefers his personal life private. He maintains that he is still happily married and will be married for a long time. There were rumours recently that resurfaced that he’s still having an affair with his co-star; Zandile Msutwana who plays Vuyiswa on The Queen. The rumours started when the two were on-screen lovers on Zabalaza years ago.

All though, it took him some time to address the rumours, MacDonald finally did and denies the affair ever happened.

MacDonald said: “It was fake news, it was bxllshit, people will always have something to say about anything that would get them clicks to sell their articles or their newspapers. I remember a journalist very drunk at an event one night literally telling me that dude, no hard feelings but, if we write something about you just understand, if we cannot find something, we will make up something.”

Zandile Msutwana who plays Vuyiswa hasn’t addressed the rumours of their alleged affair as she’s just as private as MacDonald and respects his marriage.


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