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The Real Reason Ayanda Disappeared From Generations

Samantha Samela Tyelbooi who plays the role of Ayanda Majola on the SABC 1 weekly soapie; Generations: The Legacy got her first role as a supporting actor on Generations in 2006, after only being in Johannesburg for four months.

The Award-winning actress, who’s also a mother of three girls, The Real Reason Ayanda disappeared from generations is because she was pregnant and took maternity in real life to welcome her third born in June. On the show, Samantha Samela Tyelbooi a bomb on her daughter (Nontle) and baby daddy; Tau Mogale, and disappeared without letting anyone know her whereabouts. Before she left, she revealed that Nontle was indeed Tau’s daughter as we’d suspected in a letter but ran off instead of facing the music.

She was unreachable for weeks and her disappearance destroyed her relationship with her on-screen daughter. Rapulana Seiphemo who plays Tau Mogale took a fall for one of her crimes and was jailed before Ayanda came back.

Ayanda is back now and she’s trying to fix the mess she created with her daughter, who would rather have her father raise her than her mother.

The mother and daughter duo have always had a rocky relationship from the beginning and things have gotten more intense and toxic between the two.

On her Instagram, she revealed her newborn baby who was born on the 8th of July when her second daughter was celebrating her 1st birthday.

When actresses usually fall pregnant like Manaka Ranaka who Lucy Diale is now they usually write their pregnancies into their characters or hide their pregnancies as it wouldn’t fit the character.

Tyelbooi’s baby bump wasn’t noticeable before she went on maternity because she hid it with big dresses and jackets. Manaka Ranaka is currently doing the same with her character and doing a lot of scenes sitting down.


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