Uzalo Teases Fans With New Thulane Pictures As He Is Set To Return To The Show

Uzalo has been dropping hints that one half of the Khanyile brothers, Thulane is set to return to KwaMashu.

Thulane who is played by actor Thulani Shange’s potential return, seems imminent at this point.

Fans were devasted by the deaths of Thulane and his brother Godfather, played by Sizwe Khumbuza.

The Khanyile Brothers were iced by Uzalo’s number one baddie, Nkunzi Mhlongo on his rise to power.

To make matters worse, they were buried alive, or so we thought.

Now Uzalo has dropped images featuring Thulane on their Instagram account.

The images show actor Thulani Shange crouched in the bushes and they captioned it

Joe Mringiringi is that you!!?

Thulane will definitely come back with a vengeance.

There are questions of course on how Thulane managed to cheat death, with some theories suggesting that it was Lilly who dug him up and has been in secret communication with him all this time.

Other theories suggest that Thulane crawled from that grave with sheer force of will.

One thing is for sure, Nkunzi will definitely rue the day he crossed the Khanyile Brothers.

Nkunzi has been without a strong challenger, aside from the usual suspects, like MaNgcobo plotting to take him down.

Thulane will prove to be a formidable opponent against Nkunzi.

Initially the Uzalo production team said they hadn’t fired the actors who played the Khanyile brothers, but stated that their storylines had run their course and they were leaving the show.

It is not yet known if Sizwe Khumbuza who played Godfather will also come back with his onscreen brother, or he will stay dead.


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