Young farmer wakes up to the biggest shock of his life

Itumelang, a young chicken farmer in Botswana woke up to find that someone broke into his fowl run and killed all his broiler chicks. Apparently he doesnt have an idea of why someone would do such an evil thing to him.

This is a clear case of jealousy or revenge to say the least. Its shameful on how a person can go through such trouble just to prove a point. Now the the farmer has run a loss.

People on social media were left speachless after seeing the images. People were quick to point out that it might be a rival competitor or ex girlfriend who could have done it. Speculation was rife on facebook as people were trying play detectives.

Some people went even further and suggested that the farmer goes to Sangoma or prophet maybe they might tell him who did that despicable act of sabotage. The farmer must just report the incident to the police and leave the rest to them.



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