How to deal with a Man with a big Anaconda

Meet the green anaconda, the world’s biggest and deadliest snake. This 500-pound reptile is famous for squeezing its prey to death before devouring it.

According to wildlife adventurer George Kourounis, the best way of containing or capturing this snake is nullifying its power through controlling its dangerous head.

Once you do that, it becomes easier to tame this dangerous reptile.

A similar approach is needed when dealing with a big 4-5.

A lot is often said about a big 4-5 being equivalent to greats_x.

This notion often changes when one is now confronted with this big phallic structure.

According to the most recent study on pen!s size, the average pen!s length is 9.16 cm while flaccid and 13.12 cm when erect.

When it comes to its girth, the average circumference is 9.31 cm while flaccid and 11.66 cm while erect.

If your 4-5 is bigger than normal, experts advise you to do the following.

1. Spooning
This cuddling position allows one to handle the amount of penetration that can happen.

2. Standing doggy

Standing doggy makes deep penetration a little more bearable than others_x positions.

3. Orals_x

Orals_x and erogenous fun can up your chances of an 0rgasm to replace the big 4-5.

-Daily Sun


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