Linda Sokhulu aka Ziyanda reveals her shocking secret #RhythmCity

Ziyanda is carrying a huge secret that has been weighing heavily on her heart! It now makes perfect sense why she has so much hate for Khulekani.

The two of them have a deeply rooted history and now it is coming to light.

It turns out Ziyanda and Khulekani were once an item, but Ziyanda vanished for months while Khulekani moved on with Nandi.

And Nandi knows absolutely nothing about this buried past To top things off, Ziyanda has been carrying an even bigger secret – she is a mother and has a son.

The father is Khulekani and he doesn’t even know about this child who grew up in a missionary.

Ziyanda’s rage towards Khulekani has become even worse than before, and no one knows what to do about it.

All the while this secret she carries is that her sister’s husband is her ex and the father of her child. This will destroy her entire family.



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