Remember that boy who was very small and used to be on his daddy’s chest? See him now

Do you remember that boy who was born very small and used to be on his daddy’s chest? He grown big ever since. He is now a strong boy and all people from social media is sending love and receive encouragement from him because he survived.

Lot of people on social media are saying the dad is raising a star and that God is amazing. His growth brought strong faith to people that God is indeed involved.

This is the screen shot of people who replied to the post shared by atah global.

Look how he is now. He is a strong toddler a d still grown strong. There’s difference between him then and now. He doesn’t look like that boy who used to be on skin to skin at his daddy’s chest.

People are so supportive and sending love to this family. The process of skin to skin for infant to father or mother helps to regulate the temperature also for a mother or father to bond with the infant. That’s what they usually do at hospital just after the baby is born, they place the infant into mother’s chest.


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