The River Teaser: Mabutho Is Tumi’s Soulmate

Mabutho is Tumi’s soulmate. Their relationship will last because they have a strong connection.

It might have started off as an affair, but Mabutho knows Tumi better than Lindani and Zolani.

They are exciting because Lindani was terribly boring for Tumi. They’re both adrenaline junkies and will never bore each other as they’ll keep looking for ways to entertain each other.

Their relationship won’t be easy, even if Mabutho proposes to Tumi because Tumi’s ex-husband; Lindani is also Mabutho’s cousin. Mabutho and Lindani have different personalities even though they come from the same background.

This divorce is going to change Lindani for the better; he will rise like a phoenix and come back stronger, hungrier for success, and more confident with another woman (more suitable woman) on his arm. Tumi will be happy for him as she’s happy with Mabutho.

Mabutho is just as narcissistic and psychotic as Tumi is becoming. Tumi said she was looking for a progressive man and left Lindani to start from scratch with Mabutho who has the same financial status as Lindani and earns less money than her ex-husband.

Mabutho is charming, s_xy, and a bad-boy which is something new for Tumi. She’s always played it safe and even married a good guy. Mabutho has always let Tumi know that he loves her and has protected her from the beginning. He hasn’t done anything bad to Tumi or showed any desire to want to hurt her. He protected her during that Lindiwe saga. He could’ve used that information to betray her but he hasn’t. He wants to a good life like Tumi, he wants to upgrade himself and he’ll even propose marriage to Tumi to have a good life. Tumi likes that he’s not a nice guy. Mabutho changed Tumi and brought her to her darker side. He’s in love with her dark side, embraces her dark side, which Lindani knows nothing about. We hope the river teaser will prove us right on what we have felt all along about Mabutho.


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